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Trump’s Ambassador Upsets The EU – I Like Him Already

This article really cheered me up when I read it; I’ve made no comments about President Trump on my blog, for reasons I explained here, but I couldn’t let the … Continue reading

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Perfect Storm of Planning Applications Approaching

There is something of a perfect storm brewing with respect to planning developments in and around Surrey Heath with three massive schemes on the drawing board at the same time. … Continue reading

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Seven years and they still can’t get it right

CETA the EU’s flagship transatlantic trade deal with Canada is due to come into effect in the next few months. Having taken 7 years to agree – and after nearly … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Tory Council Tax U-Turn

After a farcical series of delays, David Hodge and Tory led Surrey County Council performed a last-minute U-turn and proposed a 5% rise in Council Tax for 2017 rather than … Continue reading

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UKIP take Challenge to Conservatives in Council Tax Battle

Party Leader’s Special Assistant Roger Bird to stand against “the real villain” Cllr David Hodge. UKIP have thrown down the gauntlet in the council tax row engulfing Surrey by announcing … Continue reading

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15% Council Tax Rise Coming in April

Last week saw a big announcement from Surrey County Council that they are going to hold a referendum to raise our council tax by 15%. Yes, you read that correctly, … Continue reading

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Christmas GP and Pharmacy Opening in Surrey Heath and Ash Vale

I received an email from the Surrey Heath Clinical Commissioning Group with details of opening times for GP surgeries and pharmacies that I thought I’d share. GP Surgeries will be closed … Continue reading

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