When People Learn No Tools Of Judgment . . . the AGW Debate Part 3

One final quote from Stephen Jay Gould;

When people learn no tools of judgment and merely follow their hopes, the seeds of political manipulation are sown.


So why does this matter to you?

Quite simply because it is costing you hundreds, perhaps thousands of pounds every year.

Governments and other bodies continue to spend billions on research. Companies are forced to spend billions complying with low-carbon or carbon-reduction technologies. Who pays for this? You do – in higher taxes, higher prices, subsidies on your energy bills to cover loss-making wind farms etc.

The EU alone has spent over $100bn since 1989.

The Kyoto protocol that so many countries signed up to (including the UK) will, all other things being equal, reduce global temperatures by 0.07degC but will cost $150bn PER YEAR for 50 years – this is enough to provide clean drinking water and sanitation to everyone on earth.

What is more important to you???

But surely there must be some things that we are doing that are right?

Well, yes. Firstly we should continue to support organisations that seek to protect endangered species. Second we should continue to support cessation of the destruction of the Amazon rain forest – NOT for global warming mitigation but again for protection of species.

We shouldn’t be wasteful in our lives. Profligacy is not a good thing. There are finite resources on the planet – just not as finite as some would have us believe. Take oil for example – we are often charged with reducing reliance on oil as it is claimed we are reaching ‘Peak Oil’. As a chemical engineer in the Oil & Gas industry I know that, while we continue to burn fossil fuels, we also continue to discover them. As technology develops, new deposits are found. For example, the Proven reserves of oil at the end of 2009 were greater than at the start despite a whole year of production at 93 million barrels of oil per day.

So I’m confident that we are many decades away from ‘Peak Oil’ and even further from ‘Peak Gas’. Plenty of time to research and development economic renewable energy options. Research into renewable energy sources should continue and alternatives should be introduced if they are proven to be economic. I am planning to write a separate post on this.

So why is this week important?
This coming week is critical as it sees the issue of AR5, the 5th Assessment Report by the IPCC that forms the basis of policy of all major economies around the world. The IPCC is the main body that peddles the Global Warming Catastrophe message that directly and indirectly costs us all.

Leaked information about the report suggests that they are starting to play down the extent of expected global warming but won’t (can’t) admit that it is nonsense.

We will still be spending billions on preventing something that doesn’t exist.

Latest analysis suggests that temperatures might actually be falling – we are overdue the next ice age – and this is potentially more significant as we will all struggle with lower temperatures.

Governments and other international bodies have to be made to recognise the folly of the Warmist theories and stop pouring our money down the drain.

This is not going to happen over night, but the anti-Warmist movement is gaining momentum and already has the backing of thousands of scientists and PhD’s with relevant expertise in climateology, meteorology etc. who continue to lobby against the Warmist conspiracy.

This week those people, under the guise of the “NIPCC” will issue a counter report in response to the IPCCs fiction.

Battle lines will be drawn for another few years of hard debating – but in the end the sceptics will emerge victorious because we have Mother Nature on our side. The only unknown is how much money will have been squandered before this is realised.


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