We continue to walk through the fire of racist accusation

So the “… UKIP are racist …” bandwagon continues to roll on.

Despite the best efforts of the party, it’s officials and it’s members to stop this particular vehicle – which is now aging and virtually at a standstill – every now and then someone gives it another shove.  This happens not just at a national level, but also a local level.

Last month I was directed by one of the Surrey Heath UKIP Committee to the following article in a local Parish magazine (click it to enlarge then hit the back button to return here);


While this article wasn’t poison-fuelled like recent comments from Tory Grandee Lord Heseltine, it did still portray UKIP wrongly and coming from a reputable local publication adds credence to those who believe UKIP are a far-right organisation.

I drafted a response to the magazine and was pleased to see them publish it, even though they don’t usually publish political articles, and I am grateful to them for doing so (click it to enlarge then hit the back button to return here);


As I mentioned above, we (UKIP) are subjected to much more vitriolic attacks than the misguided comments above.  Very occasionally the verbal assaults even become physical as this article from UKIP MEP Candidate Barry Cooper outlines.

One of my first blog posts touched on this subject too, and sought to explain how and why people continue to try and paint us as something we are not.  Another recent article from Barry Cooper explains in greater detail the problems we face.

So what can we do?

  1. Never give up
  2. Keep explaining what we stand for and, perhaps more importantly
  3. Keep explaining what we DON’T stand for
  4. Don’t get mad when faced with these insults – for many people, ignorance is bliss
  5. Welcome every opportunity to put people straight – UKIP IS NOT A RACIST ORGANISATION, AND I WOULDN’T BE A MEMBER IF IT WERE
  6. Believe that we will succeed

As Charles Bukowski said “What matters most is how well you walk through the fire.”


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