Weekly News Round-up 16th November

Like most of you I read a lot of articles and Blogs in the course of a week.  If any of them merit particular interest I save them to my Pinterest account – so you can always check in there if you are looking for something on a particular topic.

What I am planning to do is put together a short summary of those most interesting stories of the week and provide links to the articles so that you can read them for yourself.

Here are some recent stories that caught my eye;

Innocent until proven guilty? Not under the EU’s justice system – writes Nigel Farage in the Independent.

Britain is a paradise for poor migrants, say angry French.  Report in The Express

TIME LAPSE MAP OF EVERY NUCLEAR EXPLOSION EVER ON EARTH – Awesome (and somewhat frightening) animation.  I had no idea France had let off so many.

True scale of European immigration – From The Telegraph

Top judge ‘surprised’ that controversial EU laws that we blocked are now legally binding– from the London Evening Standard

Killer driver’s sentence slashed ‘because he is French’ – Controversial decision, reported in The Telegraph

Michael Gove hits out at ‘lucky’ Simon Cowell – Gove is right, for a change.



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