Weekly News Round-up 24th November

Summary of a few links to interesting stuff this week.  If you want to see more articles that I like you can find them on my Pinterest account.

So here are some recent stories that caught my eye;

Strasbourg Shuttle  Does everyone realise the nonsense that goes on in the EU?  They can’t even agree on where to be based . . . “The current Strasbourg shuttle requires 766 MEPs and more than 3,000 members of staff to move their offices entirely to the French city on the Rhine for a few days every month.”  Ask yourself, how much of your money is being wasted on this farce alone???

House sale tax avoidance  Here’s something that I support the government on.  Proposal to close a loop hole whereby non-residents can buy and sell property without paying tax.  Not sure why the DT are so up in arms about this – yes a few UK non-doms will be caught, but if the rest of us have to pay tax on property profits (sooner or later) then why should the rest be exempt.

Erasing the past in aid of the future.  Not sure why our ruling party are choosing to do this.  Quite glad it wasn’t my party subs being spent in this way though.

EU must be joking If we needed something to understand why the LD are polling so badly right across the country and why UKIP will have the 3rd largest membership by the GE 2015, this article sums it up.

You must be desperate.  And if you wanted to know how the LDs are going to try and improve their popularity, here’s your starter for 10.

Well, of course he would.  Couldn’t resist reporting this one.

More on my Pinterest page – link to it at the top of the page.


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