Weekly News Round-up 1st December

Summary of a few links to interesting stuff this week.  If you want to see more articles that I like you can find them on my Pinterest account and now my new Flipboard on-line magazine.

So what’s been making the news this week?

Big story of the week was Prime Minister’s plan to curb benefits to new migrants from Romania and Bulgaria.  Other member states also waded in with their own calls.  But of course it’s all futile, as the EU reiterated this week, free movement of people is a fundamental right under EU law.

What else has the EU been up to this week?  Well how about giving state of the art £1100 tablet computers to all members and other senior officials.  Merry Christmas.

The EU also felt the need to flex it’s muscles on the Scottish Independence debate.  Now, as a member of the United Kingdom Independence Party you won’t be surprised to hear that I’m against a separate Scotland.  But it is a choice for the Scots to make for themselves – specious comments from the EU aren’t helpful.

Finally, a story about some dubious dealing relating to Nick Clegg and a charity his wife is involved with broke this morning.  It might be a flash in the pan but it could grow into something quite damaging for an already beleaguered Lid Dem Party.

Have a good week!



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