Weekly News Round-up 8th December

Summary of a few links to interesting stuff this week.  If you want to see more articles that I like, you can find them on my Pinterest account and now my new Flipboard on-line magazine.

So what’s been making the news this week?

Well first let’s deal with today’s “Bash a Kipper” story in the MoS which seems to have trawled up a 5 year old video of a person who is now a UKIP councillor saying some apparently horrible things.

The truths behind this story are (1) When Victoria Ayling made these remarks she was a Tory councillor and, I believe, a prospective Tory MEP candidate, so the fact that a staunch Tory paper chooses to publish this is interesting.  And (2) the quote that makes all the headlines is taken totally out of context and refers to ILLEGAL immigrants – and the MoS KNEW this.

While the soundbite appears pretty awful, there are essentially 3 options for how to deal with illegal immigrants;
(1)  Let them stay anyway – in which case what’s the point in catching them?
(2)  Put them in prison – why should we pay for this, how long do you imprison them for, what do you do with them after this time?
(3)  Send them home.

So, on the face of it, this isn’t really a genuine news story at all – just a thinly veiled attempt to discredit UKIP – sad.

But we’ll have to get used to it, as there will be more nonsense and out of context quoting in the coming months as we build up to the EU Elections in May.

OK . . . other news . . .

Two stories caught my eye this week about how the UK government and leading judges are trying to change the way the EU works, on mass migration and ECHR.   Unfortunately, while I support the intention, it is of course utterly futile and no more than posturing – the EU will NEVER give up on two of the fundamental cornerstones of the union.  The only way to achieve either of these two ends is to leave the EU – #VoteUKIP !

The big energy story of the week was this unbelievable story of the government agreeing to pay more to solar energy suppliers than they even asked for – WTF?

Finally on a positive note, here’s an interesting blog post about where we should be going with a European common market.

Have a good week!



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