Weekly News Round-up 15th December

Summary of a few links to interesting stuff this week.  If you want to see more articles that I like, you can find them categorised on my Pinterest account

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So what’s been making the news this week?

My main focus this week is the Tories attempting to convince people that they are the ones that will stand up to the EU – a recent poll showed that people believe Cameron is the most likely to be able to re-negotiate terms, with Nigel Farage a close second.  Most notable was that only 4% thought that Nick Clegg would be able to get anywhere with the EU Commission – although as we all know, he doesn’t want to anyway.

So, tales of bravado appeared this week from David Cameron, Theresa May, Iain Duncan Smith and Attorney General Dominic Grieve.  Who are all suffering the delusion that the EU will give up any powers to anyone.

Here are Nigel Farage and UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall in reply.

The other item of the week was continued evidence of gross wasting of EU funds – seriously, how do these people get away with it?  EU pays ‘phantom’ civil servants in Gaza for six years, and the proliferation of a global team of EU pen-pushers.

Seems to be a lot from the DT this week . . . I’ll try and spread the stories a bit more for next time.

Have a good week!



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