UK: Europe’s Enterprise Zone?

Roger Helmer MEP

Not in Nick Clegg’s play-book!

So now we know.  It must be true, because we have it from Nick Clegg, sometimes described as the Deputy Prime Minister (but often described in more colourful terms).  If Britain leaves the EU — or even if UKIP does well in May, which looks increasingly likely — then the UK’s nascent economic recovery will be stopped dead in its tracks.  Companies will leave Britain.  Inward investment will dry up.  Jobs will be lost.

I know Nick Clegg of old.  Many will remember that he used to be an East Midlands MEP.  He was elected in the region, as I was, in 1999, and in that first five-year term our paths crossed often.  I must say I would have been flabbergasted if you’d told me then that one day he’d be Deputy Prime Minster.  And to be honest, I still find it fairly preposterous.  I…

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