What does it mean?


Last week the Chief Executive of Surrey Heath Borough Council wrote an open letter to Surrey County Council’s Local Area Committee for Surrey Heath regarding the changes to parking bay regulations along the A30 that caught out hundreds of people in the run up to Christmas . . .


I can’t help wondering what the purpose of this act was.

It could be a demonstration of a more open government by SHBC – in which case let’s have more.  Or it could be an attempt by SHBC to point the finger at SCC and the LAC for all the trouble and bad feeling the changes and subsequent parking fines created – which would imply relations between the organisations have badly broken down, this is not good for Surrey Heath residents.  My view is that it is a somewhat lame attempt to explain the situation to residents and to put our minds at rest that such a fiasco won’t occur again – this, it fails to do.

We really don’t care how/ who dropped the ball here, it is local government that has failed and local people of Surrey Heath that have had to pay.  I notice that there’s no mention of a refund for those that were unwittingly caught, nor acknowledgement of the on-line petition that was set up by Rev Bruce Nicole.

To try and blame poor communication between SCC, the SCC LAC and SHBC doesn’t wash for me either.  Three of our six County Councillors are also Borough Councillors and all three of them are members of the Local Area Committee.  They are all members of the same political party too, so can’t even blame party politics for their failure.

All round it has been a pretty dismal display by our locally elected officials without anyone apologising, taking responsibility or doing the decent thing and refunding unjust fines.  What chance of things improving in the future?


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