NHW Guide to Crime Prevention and Safety Advice

You can download an excellent Guide to Crime Prevention & Safety Advice from the Neighbourhood Watch website.

Loads of useful tips and advice on all forms of security, safety and crime prevention.

Contents page is below, click the picture to be taken to the NHW download page …

NHW Booklet

Also from the local NHW coordinator is a warning about a telephone scam that is going around …

“Please bring this to the attention of your watch members. We have had several frauds reported across the division where residents have received cold calls purporting to be from banks or financial institutions.

The caller is very plausible and requests bank account details, including PIN numbers. Having received the information they withdraw funds from the account.

In some instances the caller offers to transfer the call to the ‘security’ department at the bank, this is simply someone else involved in the scam.

  • Do not pass any personal information to a cold caller.
  • Banks may contact you but will not ask for this type of information over the phone – why would they as they hold the information anyway?
  • Do not allow the caller to ‘transfer’ the call to your bank.
  • If in any doubt contact your bank but ensure that your telephone line has cleared before you make the call or to be sure use a different phone.”


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