Do we need a Parish Council in Frimley Green, Deepcut and Mytchett?

Hockney Tribute Bus Stop

I received an email from the Mytchett, Frimley Green and Deepcut Society this week stating that the Society is considering having an extraordinary general meeting sometime in the summer to allow local residents the opportunity to hear the pros and cons of having a parish council for the local area.  

Apparently this has come about on the urging of one of our local councillors, and Committee members of the Society, along with various local councillors have already had a meeting with the Sussex Association of Local Councils to hear some details.

In order for a Parish Council to be formed, residents of the three villages will need to sign a petition and at least 10% of the electorate must say yes.  So this will be our chance to hear what a Parish Council could do for us.

I should point out here that the Mytchett, Frimley Green and Deepcut Society committee has no opinion on this issue at this moment in time but feels that the residents should know what their options are as far as local governance is concerned.

At the moment I’m in two minds – it would clearly be good to have an active local system of government to reflect our views, but we do have 1 County Councillor and 3 Borough Councillors as well as the MFG&D society to represent us.  Do we need another entity?  What is it going to cost us?  and What will they actually be able to do?

All questions that I hope will be answered at the EGM if/ when it occurs.

Interesting time for the villages.



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