News Round-up 30th March

Lots happening at the moment so I thought it was about time to post another news round-up.

I’m trying to keep up and post this more regularly, but I do manage to keep my Flipboard online magazine #WhyIamOUT up to date so why not check it out and subscribe.  I also pin more stories than I can summarise here to my Pinterest account.

So what’s been making the news in the past few weeks?

Well the biggest story of the past week was the EU debate Part-1 between Nick and Nigel.  Consensus was that Nigel ‘won’ quite conclusively with his common sense approach rather than the spin and question dodging from Clegg.  It will be interesting to see how the second round plays out this week.  As a reminder, it’s on BBC2 at 7pm on Wednesday.

If you missed the Surrey Heath EU debate that took place last Friday you can watch or listen to it via the Residents Network.

Some other EU stories;

As ever, immigration has been a key debating ground;

Problems with the government have also surfaced;

The regular story of the Human Rights act being used to prevent British Law being upheld continues with a case of an illegal immigrant seeking to stay here.

Finally, on a lighter note, Daniel Hannan wrote an interesting article about a new word “Cledge: a promise that is not meant to be fulfilled“.

As I say, there is lots more on my Flipboard and Pinterest accounts.

‘Til next time . . .

Keep calm, vote UKIP


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