Invitation to a UKIP Euro Election Public Meeting


You can’t have failed to notice the news and interest generated by the recent Nick vs Nigel debates on the question of membership of the EU.  Hopefully this has helped you to formulate your opinions on the subject.

Here in Surrey Heath we had our own 5-way debate recently at Camberley Theatre and you can see/ listen to the debate via the Residents’ Network.

However, if you missed these events, all is not lost.

Surrey Heath UKIP are putting on an open Public Meeting at the Lakeside International Hotel on Tuesday 29th April where you can come and hear more on the UKIP position from two of our top MEP candidates – Diane James and Nigel Jones.  Everyone is welcome to attend the event; whether you are pro-Europe, Euro-sceptic or undecided.

So come along and hear more of the reasons why UKIP are advocating withdrawal from the EU, or challenge the speakers with specific issues related to Europe that concern you.


As UKIP’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Surrey Heath for the 2015 General Election, I will also be there and would love to hear from you about the concerns you have locally.

Interested in local or national politics?  Then come and join the debate.

I look forward to seeing you there.






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