Europe’s far from right and why voting on 22nd May matters


I was drafting a piece for this blog about the rise of extreme right-wing parties in Europe and why people are wrong to associate UKIP with them, when I was beaten to it – at least in part – by this article from Windlesham resident and Labour PPC for Guildford, Richard Wilson.  So rather than publish what I had intended, I have re-worded it as a response to Richard’s article.


You are right Richard; that the rise of fascist, racist and anti-Semitic parties across Europe is a concern and list many examples of this in your article.

But what is it that the supporters of these parties all have in common – the answer is the failure of their main national political parties to recognise that the normal man on the street is no longer prepared to tolerate the abject failure of the EU.  This is the real cause of the disquiet around Europe, and the increased popularity of parties like FN in France is the result.

With EU debt spiralling, austerity measures crippling the poorest, corruption at breath taking levels, unemployment (especially among the young) at levels not seen for generations, financial deflation now reported in 8 countries and negative interest rates on the horizon, is it any wonder people have had enough of the EU experiment?

As Alan Stevens (UKIP MEP candidate) pointed out at the recent EU Hustings event at Camberley Theatre, to chuckles of derision from the back row – Thank Goodness For UKIP – because where the UK is different is that it has, as its only EU opposition party, one that is built on British traditions of Libertarianism and democracy. One that is gaining support across the political spectrum from traditional Tory-right and Labour-left voters alike. From ordinary people who want to see democratic power returned to the British people, laws made solely in the British Parliament and British MPs wholly accountable for the direction the Country is going.

While I suspect, Richard, that you and I will differ on most of the above, there is one area where we do agree and that is how important it is for everyone to vote on May 22nd. The power of democracy shouldn’t be underestimated and particularly under the PR system of voting you are correct that Every Vote Counts.




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