Motherhood and Apple Pie

UKIP MEPs are often accused of voting against seemingly positive EU directives – the truth is that they vote against the power grab by the EU – as Roger Helmer explains in this article.

Roger Helmer MEP


I noticed on Twitter recently that UKIP MEPs had been accused of “voting against equal pay for women”.  Of course we did no such thing.  We voted against Brussels’ interference in UK labour markets.

Equal pay is a highly emotive issue, especially with the feminist lobby, so let’s talk about something (very slightly) less emotive.  Like Motherhood and Apple Pie.  Let me say it up front: UKIP is in favour of Motherhood and Apple Pie.  Absolutely.  If it hadn’t been for my Mother (God rest her soul) I shouldn’t be here today.  And without apple pie, the world would be a sadder place, whether you like it with custard (Sauce Anglaise over here – I write in Strasbourg), or cream, or ice cream, or even Greek-style yoghurt.

But now imagine a European Directive on Motherhood and Apple Pie.  It might do a number of things, like regulating the size…

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