A Bit of Balance Is Required

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After a couple of weeks of intense scrutiny of UKIP – with the other three parties employing people to trawl through years of the tweets and posts of prospective candidates – and with the mainstream media parading the same at every opportunity, I thought it worth trying to reset the balance a little.

Before I do this, I want to make it clear that I do not condone any of the attitudes reported in the press and, if proven correct, these people have no place in the Party.  UKIP is not a racist party, and I would not belong to it if it was.

Just touching on the ‘if proven correct’ statement for a minute, I’m sure many people will remember a UKIP candidate from the elections last year that was allegedly photographed doing a ‘Nazi salute’ and had apparently posted racist statements on his Facebook account.  Well what the majority of you won’t know is that he has been completely cleared of any wrongdoing.  The picture was genuinely of him reaching to take the phone from his friend and the alleged comments never appeared on his account – they were either photshopped onto a screen capture or a fake account was set up to look like his.

While the original story made all the national front pages and the BBC front page, the findings of the investigation and Mr Wood’s innocence were relegated to a page of BBC News Somerset and barely made a ripple in the papers – sad.

You can read about Alex’s story here.

On to the worst of the rest – I’ve created a Flipboard Magazine to collate them.  So far the score is Conservatives 14, Liberals 8, Labour 8 but I’m sure that’ll change.

Stories include;

  • Conservative councillor will only have to pay back £5 of the £150,000 he stole.
  • Conservatives select former BNP activist to stand in safe seat,
  • Conservative councillor convicted of child sex offences.
  • Labour party secretary suspended for secretly filming men urinate.
  • Labour councillor convicted of lying to police.
  • Labour member cons the party out of £10,000.
  • LibDem councillor convicted of racially aggravated assault.
  • LibDem ex-mayor convicted of a series of explosions.
  • LibDem councillor guilty of election fraud.

In all cases (those above and those from UKIP) – there is no place for this sort of behaviour in a decent society and certainly no place for it in government.

Rightly, all those that transgress should be punished, but don’t think for one second that UKIP have the monopoly in this regard.














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