How the EU ignores Opt-Outs and why we’re poweless to stop it getting its own way

Rear view

Here is another example of the way the corrupt EU works to achieve its ends, that should tell you all you need to know about why we need to leave, NOW.

To summarise as I read it;

Some time ago the EU passed a piece of suspect legislation under the banner of a “Police Co-operation Measure” that gave police forces the ability to exchange data for certain types of road traffic offence.

For once, the UK government (along with those of Ireland and Denmark) decided that they didn’t want to implement this Directive and under an ‘opt-out’, which is allowed for Police Co-operation measures, chose to ignore it.

However, the European Commission weren’t happy about these opt-outs and people dismissing their directives and so they decided to contest the legal basis of the Directive (which I guess means they took themselves to court) and the European Court of Justice duly obliged to annul the legislation, paving the way for it to be reintroduced as a “Road Safety Measure” for which no Country has an opt-out.

Hence the directive will become legally binding across all EU member states once it is rubber stamped through the EU Parliament – even if all the UK, Danish and Irish MEPs vote against the proposal they will still total fewer than 100 votes out of 760.

What do I learn from this;

  • The EU will do anything to get its own way
  • Opt-outs are largely worthless as Directives can be implemented through other means for which no opt-out is available
  • Even when the UK government wants to reject something that it doesn’t like it is completely impotent
  • We have no influence over the machinations of the EU machine and never will

Read the report on the BBC website here.







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