Surrey County Council Leader 60% Pay Rise Is Unacceptable


Conservative led Surrey County Council has today been roundly condemned for sanctioning massive increases in members’ allowances at a time when the majority of people continue to struggle with below-inflation wage rises.

An independent review panel made their recommendations which were frankly pretty outrageous, but the Tory controlled committee pushed through increases that were, in many cases, even greater than those recommended.

At a time when the authority is having to find considerable savings, councillors none-the-less felt it appropriate to increase the amount of local residents’ cash they are taking for themselves.

46 of the 70 Councillors voted in favour of the increases.  Labour, LibDem, Green, Residents’ Association (RA), Independent and UKIP members criticised the move; UKIP councillor Helena Windsor said: “When you contrast it with the sort of pay rises ordinary working people are receiving, if they are getting pay rises, in particular our staff, it does not look good.”




(and number of recipients)

Present Allowance

Recommended by Independent Review Panel

New allowances pushed through by Conservatives

Basic Allowance (81)




Leader of the Council (1)




Deputy Leader (1)




Cabinet Member (8)




Cabinet Associate (4)


(interim payment in 2013/14)



Select Committee Chairmen (including Council Overview & Scrutiny and Health Scrutiny) (6)




Planning & Regulatory Committee Chairman (1)




Audit & Governance Chairman (1)




Lead Member for Scrutiny of the Police & Crime Commissioner (1)



Local Committee Chairmen (11)




Pension Fund Board Chairman (1)



Pension Fund Board Vice-Chairman (1)



Committee Vice-Chairmen (Select Committees (including Council Overview & Scrutiny and Health Scrutiny), Planning and Audit) (8)




Local Committee Vice-Chairmen (11)



Chairman of Council (1)




Vice-Chairman of Council (1)




Officers of Political Groups

£170 per Member

No Change




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