More reasons why the ECHR is an abomination

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I’ve made my feelings on the European Convention on Human Right (ECHR) clear several times on this blog.  Indeed it was the reason I first got involved with UKIP, as being a signatory to it is a condition of membership of the EU – we can’t renounce the ECHR as long as we remain in the EU.

This week three stories caught my eye that highlight precisely why the ECHR is evil, and why we need to get out of the EU and the ECHR as soon as possible.

The biggest story, for me, is a really sad one about a couple from Northampton who have had their lives ruined through a bitter dispute with a former business partner that has already cost them their house, their savings and their health.  Now, they face deportation to the US for a trial that could see them sentenced to up to 240 years in prison – at 58 and 57 respectively, this would mean the couple spending the rest of lives apart, in high security US prisons where they will die.

The couple have continued to protest their innocence and even asked their MP to petition the home secretary Theresa May for help but were told on Wednesday night that she was “Too busy”.

Facing the prospect of reporting to Belgravia Police Station at 10am Thursday morning, at which point they would have been taken into custody, driven to Heathrow Airport and placed into the custody of US officials on a flight to the US, the couple decided on Thursday night to try and take their own lives in a suicide pact.

Happily (or possibly sadly) their attempt failed and they are now recovering in Hospital.

So why am I writing this about the ECHR, because of a line in the Telegraph report.

The European Court of Human Rights refused to intervene

What’s the point of having a system that purports to protect people’s human rights, if it refuses to intervene in a case so unfair as this?


On the other hand, the real beneficiaries of the ECHR were in full evidence in two articles that also appeared this week; one stating that we currently have 850 foreign criminals in jail that we can’t deport; including rapists, paedophiles and murderers, who are using human rights laws to fight against their deportation and remain in Britain at a cost to taxpayers of up to £34 million a year.

Another story tells of a convicted sex offender who has won permission for a new hearing in bid to have his satellite tracking device removed on the grounds it breaches his human rights.

So once again this Criminals Charter helps the perpetrators and fails the victims.

Only one way to change this, say #No2ECHR and #Note2EU – #VoteUKIP.







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