The Future’s Bright – The Future’s Purple And Yellow

Purple Field s

We did it!

UKIP has created a political earthquake by winning the EU Elections and beating the three legacy parties in the process.

In the South East we doubled the number of UKIP MEPs heading to Brussels to Four – many congratulations to Nigel Farage, Janice Atkinson, Diane James and Ray Finch.

Here in Surrey Heath we had a fantastic result of our own – increasing our vote share from 20.8% to 32.8%

The breakdown by Party is as follows;

2014 EU Elections 2014 2009 Change
UKIP  7007 32.8% 20.8% +12.0
Conservative Party  8422 39.4% 41.5% -2.1%
Liberal Democrats  1539 7.2% 14.1% -6.9%
The Green Party  1343 6.3% 8.1% -1.8%
The Labour Party  2060 9.6% 4.8% +4.8%
Others  986 4.6% 10.7% -6.1%
Sub total 21357
Rejected Ballots 60
Total 21417
Turnout 33.2%

A massive Thank You to everyone who turned out to vote for us, and to the local Branch members who worked tirelessly, delivering over 15,000 pieces of literature throughout the Borough.

This is a huge result locally, placing ourselves firmly as the only alternative to the Conservatives in Surrey Heath and giving us a great platform to build on for the General and Borough Council Elections in 2015.

If you’re not a UKIP member but would like to join, click here for the form (it takes a few seconds to load).



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