Traffic Jam and Jerusalem


Last Thursday was a strange day, as Mrs C and I travelled up to Northampton for the funeral of my ‘aunt’ Margaret.

The first odd thing was the battle we (and others) had with our Sat Navs – the postcode for the crematorium looked OK when I checked it on Google Maps before leaving home, but our Sat Nav decided to lead us to the middle of the M1 motorway before triumphantly announcing that we had reached our destination.

This goes to show that we are still some way away from reliable Sat Navs and, ultimately, driverless cars.  Can you imagine the carnage as an automatic car stops in the fast lane of one of Britain’s busiest motorways and opens the doors for you to get out !?

It also shows that it’s worth leaving in plenty of time for an unfamiliar journey – especially for an important function like a funeral – as the additional 20 minutes we spent going round in a big circle to find the place meant that we only just got there before the start.

Following a lovely funeral (well, as lovely as these things go) we all travelled back to Margaret and husband Colin’s house for the wake. Margaret and her daughters had been very helpful at my father’s wake four years ago – producing an endless stream of teas and coffees for the large assembled group – and my mother and I had both come to the conclusion that we would do the same for them this time around.

But we forgot one crucial thing – Margaret had been President of the local WI.

Upon arriving back at the house the production of teas, coffees and the distribution of sandwiches and cake was already in full swing courtesy of the WI ladies. With military precision cups, plates, sugar and spoons were distributed around the room and no sooner was a cup drained than it was collected and returned to the kitchen to be washed, dried and ready for re-filling – I’m sure Margaret would have approved!

And in case you are wondering – she liked a G&T as well.





One response to “Traffic Jam and Jerusalem

  1. So true. Surely some unique destinations should have a sat nav code of their own.
    Thank you WI for restoring our faith in organisation and efficiency.


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