After 2020 all EU members will have to adopt the euro


From an interesting article by Andrew Lilico in the DT business section on 1st July;

Political union in the Eurozone is an economic existential necessity, not a re-negotiable ambition.
Recent events have made the British political commentariat more aware than before of just how committed European political leaders are to delivering political union in a Single European State.
It should now be clear that this is not the unlikely ambition of a few starry-eyed visionaries. It is the stated official goal of the Italian Prime Minister, the French President, the German Chancellor, the current and next Presidents of the European Commission, the President of the European Council, and just about every significant mainstream political figure in the Eurozone.
It is also, according to a Eurobarometer opinion poll in 2013, the desire of 60pc of Eurozone citizens.
What may still be less clear to some in the UK is that in the Eurozone this is not seen only as a culturally and politically desirable objective. It is also regarded as an existential necessity, a sine qua non for economic prosperity, and the answer to Euroscepticism of the sort seen in the 2014 European Parliament elections. So when British politicians propose that EU political integration should slow or that the EU should prioritize some other objective (e.g. the Single Market), that is not merely seen as unattractive — it is impossible. 

 You can read the full article HERE.


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