What’s smart about smart meters?

Pylons and trucks

Continuing what is becoming a recent blog theme on energy issues, here are a few thoughts and lines from a blog article by Roger Helmer on Smart Meters.

But the corollary of “offering cheaper rates at off-peak times” is of course, “offering more expensive rates at peak times”. That offer is not attractive if you’re elderly and need heat when you’re cold, or if you’re a working family with children that need to be fed and showered before school in the midwinter — peak time.

People may be offered deals that would not guarantee continuity of supply, but could be interrupted, as is the case with energy intensive industries currently. At best, the smart meter would force people living on a budget to wander over to the smart meter to see if they can afford to put the kettle/TV on.

You should also read the associated article from the DM.

There are three simple questions the Public should ask, to which which there are three straightforward answers: –

  1. Q: Who will foot the bill for smart meters?  A: The consumer
  2. Q: Who will definitely benefit?  A: The energy supplier – no meter reader to pay
  3. Q: Will the smart meter save you money?  A: No, you need willpower for that

If you are an SSE customer you can register your wish not to have a smart meter. This can be done on the internet via their smart meter enquiry form.





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