Pot Hole Damage – A Hidden Danger


As most of you will have experienced, over the past 6 months in particular, pot holes on our roads make for an extremely uncomfortable journey.

The bad weather last winter made the situation considerably worse, although some councils have done better than others in maintaining and repairing road surfaces.  So bad are Surrey roads that the County Council now spends more money on pot hole damage compensation claims than on fixing the pot holes!  But this is only half the story as I found out last week.

After hearing a knocking noise from my front tyre, I took the car into the lovely people at Deepcut Garage in Mytchett.  They solved the problem and also advised that my tyre treads were low so I agreed to have them replaced.

Now imagine my horror when I had a call from the garage a couple of hours later stating that one of my alloy wheels was cracked through part of the rim.  Needless to say I had them replace the alloy and, after a nice valet by the garage it’s had to tell which of the wheels is new (not bad for a 10yo car).

I’m pretty sure I know exactly where I picked up the crack, from a pothole along the A246 just west of Effingham Golf Course on my way to work.  Where a smallish, but deep pothole appeared right in the driving line.  After hitting it two days in a row I learned where it was and have avoided it for a number of months.  Within the last couple of weeks it’s been filled.

So, because I can’t be certain where and when my wheel was damaged I can’t claim the £350 cost of my new wheel from SCC.

But more importantly, if I hadn’t had that problem with the car I could have driven for another 6 months with the cracked and potentially dangerous wheel.

I would therefore advise you, if you’ve had any run-ins with potholes in recent weeks – especially if one tyre is losing pressure more than the others – to check the wheel carefully or take it into a garage who will, in most cases, check your wheels and tyres for free.

Better to be safe than sorry.




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