Am I the only person who didn’t know this?

Meter 1

For years I’ve struggled when driving in a strange car or even swapping over to my wife’s car if I haven’t driven it for a while, to remember which side the petrol filler cap is.

My options were then usually;

  1. See if I can spot it in the wing mirror
  2. Stop on the road and check before driving in
  3. Hope that the filling station has long hoses and can reach either side

That was until last week when I found out that newer cars have a little arrow next to the petrol pump symbol on the dashboard that indicates which side the filler cap is to be found!

Apparently it’s been like that for years, who knew?  Certainly not me or any of my family.

Just to check the theory I took pictures of the gauges of my Jaguar and my wife’s Volvo and sure enough, both had an arrow indicating which side filler cap was – ours were both on the right . . .

Meter 2



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