The EU rubbish keeps piling up


As I touched on a few weeks ago in a post on EU and Recycling, there are plans afoot that could lead us to have up to six separate recycling bins to segregate our rubbish.

The story has been highlighted recently in two articles from the DM and the DT.

I’m a firm advocate of recycling and have been for years.  Even before we were presented with the green wheelie bin by SHBC.  But one of the things I like about the current system, is that I just have to decide “Recyclable” or “Not Recyclable” and then throw the item into the appropriate bin in our kitchen.

This simple approach is understood by all the family and as a result we always fill our green bin.  In fact I usually end up going round to the local recycling centre every fortnight with cans and plastic as we seem to have a lot of this that doesn’t fit in the bin.

But, per the DT;

Families will need to dispose of glass, paper, tin cans and plastic separately so they can be recycled without the risk of contamination, under the European rules coming into force in January.

The move could force councils to increase the number of bins outside every home to six, waste collection firm Veolia warned as it launched a campaign against “unnecessary bins”.

As usual the EU don’t make things any easier for the Great British Public, in fact according to the DM;

The wording of the waste regulation, drawn up in 2010, is so unclear that the European Commission had to issue a separate document on how to follow the rules.

This still failed to clarify matters, and there has been much debate over whether the rules compel councils to introduce extra bins, or if different items can be placed together in single ‘co-mingled’ containers.

In the end it may come down to the local Council to decide what how best to implement these new rules.

I’ve emailed SHBC today to ask what their plans are . . . I’ll report back when I get a reply.



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