PC or not PC – that is the question

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Following on from the shocking reports of child abuse and the failings of Rotherham BC (the same council that removed a child from a foster couple because they were UKIP members), I was sent the article below…

A few thoughts on how politically correct thinking undermines our society, political leadership and businesses.

The words are largely based on/ borrowed from an article by Mike Myatt in Forbes …

The institutionalisation of ‘politically correct thinking’ has done more to harm operating businesses than other social and/or cultural influence in recent times.

It is as if we have created a generation of leaders who feel they have an obligation to be politically correct when their responsibility is to be just correct. Politically correct thinking is a significant contributor to the moral and ethical decay of our society and decreasing workplace productivity.

The politically correct assault has invaded classrooms, media, the work place, government both central and local, the judiciary, church, military and even casual discussions amongst friends and family. It has spread to pandemic proportions, crossing borders and cultures, such that you would be hard pressed to find organisations where tough, candid conversations take place openly.

Few things send morale and productivity into decline faster than leadership that adopts a politically correct mindset. Being politically correct exacerbates problems rather than solving them. Real change is built upon seeking the truth, not some watered-down politically correct version thereof. The first step in solving problems is to deal in whole truths, not untruths, not partial truths.

Politically correct thinking confuses kindness and courtesy with bureaucratic mandates and strips people of their real opinions. It is prudent to let the facts and/or the truth surrounding a particular matter to rise above the rhetoric and to guide actions rather than to adopt an attitude of political correctness.

In the face of perceived conflict, dissension, threats, or controversy, people now tend to default to denial, justification and rationalisation. In today’s politically correct environment it is easier for some people, particularly politicians and public leaders, to hide in the safety of a perceived politically correct majority viewpoint than it is to take on the risk of being outspoken, innovative, disruptive, challenging, convicted, bold, controversial or truthful. Therein lies the problem with political correctness.

There was a time when conversations could openly consist of unpredictable, highly charged, and stimulating discourse where people were encouraged to freely share their true thoughts and opinions. By its very nature, politically correct thinking is disingenuous, if not altogether intellectually dishonest. Politically correct thinking now replaces individuality and authentic opinions with assumed socially acceptable rhetoric and watered-down behavioural tendencies.

The irony of politically correct thinking is that a society void of individual thought actually creates the opposite of diversity. Politically correct thinking results in a brainwashed society completely lacking diversity as a result of a homogenising generalisation of thought and actions. The consequence of politically correct thinking is that it subtly dulls the senses, neutering people’s ability to be discerning.

It is this that pollutes our culture, stultifies our politicians, stifles innovation, undermines productivity and sentences those who embrace politically correct thinking to a life of enforced mediocrity.

Taking a politically correct stance simply shows that a person values their comfort zone more than truth. People are led to believe so strongly that there is safety in numbers that they will compromise their own honest thoughts and integrity by adopting a ‘safe’ position, rather than standing for what they believe to be true.

It becomes more important to do things right rather than to do the right things. [my emphasis]

Blending in is in vogue, whilst making waves via independent thinking appears to have become labelled as socially inappropriate behaviour.

Leaders that adopt a politically correct stance place themselves and their organisations at peril. They cannot be effective leaders when subordinating right thinking to politically correct thinking. Honest diversity of thought is critical to the success of any enterprise. Smart leaders will not tolerate a culture built on the yes man approach to business, neither can they tolerate politically correct thinking. Real leaders like to be challenged – they want to be inspired by new ideas and creative thoughts. They accept running down a few rabbit holes in the pursuit of innovation as long as efforts are based upon honesty, candour and the good of the overall organisation.

Food for thought, certainly.


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