Quick comment received on recent events…

Quick Note

Received an email from one of our members today, commenting on the Press opinions of the UKIP/ Conservative/ Labour triangular relationship that is developing;

The Spectator had an article today – “How can Cameron save the Conservatives?” Daniel Hannan, Lord Tebbit and Andrew Roberts respond.

Hannan: “Both Ukip and the Conservatives have ruled out a formal pact. But some form of accommodation, at least in the most marginal seats, is the logical consequence of our electoral system.”

Tebbit: “He could try to undermine Ukip’s campaign by bringing forward a referendum bill – challenging Lib Dems and Labour to defeat it – and by setting out the essential Treaty changes without which he would campaign for Brexit at the referendum.”

Roberts: “Do nothing. ‘Trust the people’, will see you through.”

My guess is he will do nothing, he simply believes ‘vote UKIP get Labour’ will save the day.

Sounds like a risky strategy across the Country as a whole, and of course in Surrey Heath UKIP are the only serious opposition to the Conservative monopoly.


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