Thoughts on the Old Dean by-election

Union Jack Mug2

I’m sure most of you will have seen the result of the Old Dean by-election, held on Thursday, but in case you haven’t this is it;

Labour 44% (- 5)
Cons 30% ( -1)
UKIP 26% (+ 15)

To be honest, we were a little disappointed to finish third, although in the end there were only 15 votes between us and the Conservatives.

Three significant things of note from this result;

  1. There was no LibDem candidate.
    Are they going to be able to field candidates across the Borough in 2015? I wonder.
  2. UKIP was up a massive 15% from the election in 2011.
    This was very positive, and follows on from our Euro election success and good polling last year in the County Council elections.  Well done Eddie and massive thanks to all those that voted for us.
  3. We took far more votes from the Labour Party than the Conservatives.
    This was perhaps the most interesting point.  Conservative supporters in the South East often use the phrase “Vote UKIP, Get Labour” as a means of scaring people out of voting UKIP – indeed one local Conservative Councillor told me afterwards that if UKIP hadn’t stood and ‘split the vote’ they would have one . . . yes . . . SERIOUSLY!
    However in this case it’s clear that we are as big a threat to the Labour Party as we are to the Conservatives.

Roll on May 2015!


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