Losing a daughter or gaining a spare room

Vicky's Poster

It’s been an amazing summer for our beautiful daughter, Vicky.  First she secured her top choice Uni place (Winchester to read Media Production) with great A-Level results (including an A* for her Extended Project video of tourism in Iceland).  Then, less than a week later, she passed her driving test first time (like her dad).

This week, she entered her first short film competition, having shot a film promoting “Good Neighbours Stop Rogue Traders” with friends, for a Trading Standards Institute competition.

This weekend she takes up her Uni place, and it’s really thrown me – what’s my role now?  Did I do a good job as Dad?  Mrs C and I made a deliberate decision to try and ensure Vicky held on to her childhood as long as possible and didn’t grow up too soon.  I think we did a great job of that and she has blossomed into a sweet, caring and sensitive teenager.

But the downside is that she’s not as street wise as some of her friends.  Asking how a tin opener works doesn’t bode well for a life fending for herself.  And as most parents (especially those of girls) feel, the thought of abandoning her to the hormonally charged youth of Winchester Uni is probably more daunting for us than for her.

However, it is part of life’s passage and just as starting Uni will be a new and exciting experience for Vicky, re-aligning our lives and accepting Vicky as a young independent woman will be a learning curve for us.

At the end of the day we can only hope and trust that Vicky is smart enough to do the right things, make the right the decisions and make the most of her time at Uni.

So be good, stay safe and have fun Vicky.



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