Encouraging people to get on the electoral register and vote – an open letter


I sent an email yesterday to the other three local political associations and SHBC, with a suggestion on how we might encourage more people to get involved in the political process…


Apologies for the somewhat out-of-the-blue nature of this email.

Seeing the result of the Scottish Independence referendum this week, what struck me most was the turnout – 85%. This shows that if people care enough about an issue they will turn out and vote to ensure their voice is heard.

I’m sure we are all in agreement that it would be wonderful to see a similar turnout at other elections.

SHBC are already doing some work to encourage people to get themselves onto the electoral register in time for next May with “Your vote matters, make sure you’re in” but I think we, as political activists in Surrey Heath, also have a part to play.

If SHBC are able to produce a small leaflet outlining the process of getting on the register, the importance of voting, pointing out that we have General and Local Elections next year etc. then Surrey Heath UKIP will pledge to deliver a proportion of them around the Borough. After all, we will be leafleting and canvassing anyway so it’s no real extra effort to post an additional piece of paper through a door.

If the local Conservative, Labour and LibDem associations will commit to doing the same, between the four of us we can cover the whole Borough and hopefully empower more people to get involved in the political process and vote.

I welcome your thoughts on this proposal.

Kind regards,
Paul Chapman.


Let’s see what response I get.


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