Green Tax – continue the attacks


Two more recent articles about the impact of green taxes on industry and in particular energy-intensive services.

The photo above is from an article in Hydrocarbon Processing about the problems facing refiners around Europe;

The UK refining industry is also in a slump.  Over the past four years, two refineries have closed (Teesside and Coryton) . . . Again high taxes and environmental mandates burden the domestic refining system.

It goes on to say that unless there is investment we will become increasingly dependent on imports.

So the green blob are taxing our refineries to the point that they are unsustainable and close, driving up the cost of petrol and diesel and therefore transport costs and therefore food prices and the cost of other goods that are transported by road or rail.

At the same time we will become even more dependent on imported energy, putting our energy security at even greater risk.  The picture could be pretty bleak.

The second article which caught my eye from The Northern Echo talks about the problems in the North East, in particular Teeside and Redcar.

The Labour MP raised the “struggles” of GrowHow, a fertiliser company in his constituency, which had to pay three times as much for gas as its Russian competitors.

How can companies compete on this basis?

“Similarly, German electricity prices on a delivered basis for very large users in 2013 equated to €38 per MW, against £70 per MW in the UK.”

So even amongst the Eurozone there is large disparity.

“The situation is set to get much worse over the next decade. UK energy and climate change policies will add around £30 to every megawatt of electricity by 2020, substantially more than for any other country.”

Clearly something has to be done to help our energy intensive businesses before it’s too late.


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