Latest alerts from neighbourhood watch


Hampshire Police are promoting a scheme called Immobilise – a free property register enabling users to create a secure record of personal possessions such as laptops, mobile phones, cameras and various other items. Registering on Immobilise can assist in reuniting you with your possessions if stolen or in deterring an offender from stealing them in the first place.

Secondly, there’s a scam going around where telephone calls to residents in Waterlooville (Hants) and surrounding areas falsely claim to be from police. In some cases names of officers, ranks and police station addresses have been used to make the call seem more genuine.

The callers will say there is a problem with person’s credit card and financial issues and then request banking and other personal details to aid security.

Hampshire police commented

This is a criminal scam being investigated by us. Remember, no-one will ever need this information from you – not the police, the banks or any other callers. Never give out your banking and personal details to anyone and should you receive such a call then you should end the call immediately and ring the police on 101.



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