NHS is facing a mounting financial crisis


Worrying news from a recent Guardian article about the financial state of the NHS.

While the staff continue to deliver their best under increasingly strained conditions and stagnant wages, the lack of funding is driving an increasing number of trusts into deficit with the prospect of three quarters of them being in deficit by the end of the year.

Hospital chiefs state;

Hospital chief executives say the need to hire extra staff to maintain care standards in the wake of the Mid Staffs scandal, demand for A&E care, cuts in the fees they receive for treating patients and the NHS’s £20bn savings drive has left them increasingly unable to balance their books.

One hospital boss said that the demand for care is so relentless, especially from older, frail patients, many of whom need to be admitted as an emergency, that “it’s now like winter all year round”. Last month one hospital saw a record number of patients turn up at its A&E unit on one day, despite it being summer and a lack of major illnesses such as flu.

That last sentence is astounding – and very worrying.


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