Burglar admits to over 70 burglaries in Surrey


I received this email recently from Surrey Police via my local Neighbourhood Watch coordinator – thought you might like to see it;

Burglar admits to over 70 burglaries in Surrey – Here is how he did it!

This time last year the area experienced a large spate of burglaries. At the time a number of arrests were made with one suspect admitting to over 70 burglaries in Surrey. Interviews with this and other burglars have given us an insight into what they look for and how they do it:

What did the burglar say?
“The first thing I’d look for were houses where bins were left outside the house in a road where no one else had. This let me know there was a chance that the occupants weren’t home.”

How you should respond:
If you are planning on going away, even for a short period of time, ask a neighbour or relative to bring bins back in. If you do keep bins outside your property make sure they are away from walls or fences preventing easy access to areas out of public view.

What did the burglar say?
“If the bins were still out I’d go in for a closer look. Another good sign its empty is being able to see the post building up. A look through the letterbox or glass doors makes this easy.”

How you should respond:
If you are going away ask a neighbour or relative to collect post, putting it out of sight from front doors. If you are away for an extended period of time try contacting the postal service and requesting delivery to an alternative address.

What did the burglar say?
“Sometimes people put timers on lights when they go away. If the curtains then stay open the whole night or I notice that the curtains haven’t moved over a few days, it normally suggests that no one is home.”

How you should respond:
Timers are a great crime prevention device however it can be even more effective if used in multiple rooms. Arrange for someone to check your property whilst away. Each time get them to open or close the curtains to suggest people being home.

What did the burglar say?
“I always made sure I was dressed smart when out looking at potential targets. I’d always be polite if anyone spoke to me. If people see a friendly man walking around in a suit they wouldn’t think I was up to no good. They expect to see some scruff with a balaclava and a bag of swag over their shoulder.”

Everyone knows the stereotype, even the burglars themselves. Vigilance is the key. These are your houses in your communities that are being targeted. If you see anyone you don’t recognise or have concerns about their presence in the area report it on 101. Note down their description as best you can, including vehicle registrations where possible. It’s with the publics help that we are able to apprehend these people.

What did the burglar say?
“You can’t beat a good old knock on the door. If I think a house is empty I will knock and see. If someone answers I’d be my charming self and not cause them any reason to suspect me.”

How to respond:
If you are away for a long period of time, consider a house sitter. Someone you trust that can look after your property whilst you are away. If that isn’t possible, consider all of the advice above. The more measures that you can put in place the better. If you can afford one, house alarms can be a big deterrent. Always get quotes from at least 3 different suppliers when ever considering home security.

What did the burglar say?
“Garages are always an easy target. Nowadays people don’t keep their cars in them so don’t check them very often or even at all. They’re also full of all kinds of valuables that I can move on easily.”

How to respond:
Ensure that your garage is fitted with a strong lock, more than one where possible, making sure that you secure everything inside where possible. Lock up bikes and equipment inside to make it even more difficult to remove. We recommend security marking valuable items both in your garage and home. This links them to you and your home making it easy to return should we recover them. Visit http://www.immobilise.com/ for more details.




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