Is the sun beginning to set on the CO2 warming myth


Despite more than 18 years without an increase in global surface temperatures despite CO2 emissions globally increasing, the IPCC and the green blob continue to expound that CO2 is killing the planet and us with it.

However, new and important research has revealed that there may be something else impacting our planet’s temperature – the sun!

Well, what a revelation.

According to an article in, research by Chinese scientists has provided more compelling evidence that increased periods of solar activity are consistent with the temperature rises seen the later part of the 20th Century.

Research published in an astronomy journal suggests that high solar output seen in the second half of the last century was a once in 3,000 year event.

the so called “grand maximum” in solar output identified by the researchers and observed between 1950 and 2009 co-incided with the rapid warming of global surface temperatures seen during the second half of the 20th century

The implications of this result are controversial as they appear to fly in the face of evidence presented by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and accepted by many climate scientists that increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) have been the main factor driving up global temperatures in the industrial age and that the sun has played a minor role

This finding that the period of most intense global warming has coincided with an unprecedented peak in recorded solar output will add pressure onto the IPCC to look again at the interconnection between the sun and the climate.

This last sentence is interesting – if it has always been suspected that solar output could be a cause of global warming, why on earth have the IPCC essentially sidelined this area of investigation in favour of seeking out man-made causes?

This once again brings in to question the ‘science’ behind the IPCC claims. Claims that are costing us all thousands of pounds per year in green taxes, environmental levies, subsidy payments to renewables companies, the billions spent in funding research into the man-made causes.

Seriously, the World needs to stop for a minute and look at where we’re going with this debate before the economic and environmental consequences of the IPCC cause catastrophic and irreversible damage.


2 responses to “Is the sun beginning to set on the CO2 warming myth

  1. Having done research myself on the topic back in late 2003 as part of a research project into climate and the sun’s activity, which of course involved collaboration with scientists in universities across the world, much of your well written article is well known in much of the scientific community, even then; but there has been pressure from a ‘certain lobby’ to silence such facts from being properly shared with politicians and non scientists for years, even to the extent of them suggesting the sun’s impact is negligible (!!) – of course, the facts cannot be prevented from being divulged, for ever – just like Canute couldnt stop the tide from coming in…. so although I am hopeful nature will prove the IPCC are well off-course, I am saddened that enormous damage (both financial and environmental) will have been wrought in the meantime, whilst those determining an erroneous IPCC policy are still in charge.


  2. Thank you Roger – You’re right that much of this has been known for a while but political lobbying (and with it, billions of dollars) has been spent pursuing the CO2 myth for political reasons rather than looking objectively at all possible causes as true scientific study would normally dictate.


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