The Eurozone getting it all wrong with your money

Money Makes the World Go round

Two big stories this week that tell you all you need to know about the EU’s ability to understand and control finance – both came from the Telegraph.

In the first article Deflation fears wash over ECB, the DT reports

A key gauge of deflation risk in Europe is flashing red, dropping to record lows on fears of fresh recession and lack of decisive action by the European Central Bank.

They continue;

ECB’s plan for asset purchases – or “QE-lite” – does not yet add up to a coherent strategy

In a second article Eurozone recession is biggest risk to UK, the EU failures in managing its economy are outlined as a serious threat to the UK – we are being dragged into their mess by association;

The Chancellor said “serious clouds were gathering on the horizon” for the global economy, and a third recession since the financial crisis for the 18-nation bloc would hit UK growth.

Most seriously, the biggest risk to the global economy at the moment and certainly the biggest external risk to the UK is the risk of the eurozone falling back into recession and into crisis

Remember, these are also the people that are trying to control the British banking system through more draconian regulation that will stifle the industry that is assisting the UK in getting back to prosperity as the article The City is under attack from Brussels – for being a symbol of capitalism points out;

It is the world’s leading exporter of financial services: the value of the UK’s trade surplus in financial services is double that of the next largest country surpluses, recorded by Switzerland, the US and Luxembourg. Yet the City is now under attack – not just for its business and its money, but for everything it represents.

We need to stop the EU meddling with things they clearly don’t understand – we need to leave the EU – we need people to #VoteUKIP




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