A Chill Wind Continues to Blow


Strong sentiments last week on wind energy.  LibDem’s Vince Cable saying opposing wind farms is “irrational” provoked a response from James Delingpole in a Breitbart article where he states that “anyone who doesn’t oppose wind farms is most probably either deluded, criminal or insane”.

He goes on to list 10 reasons why;

1. Wind turbines kill bats on an industrial scale.
2. Wind turbines kill birds on an industrial scale.
3. Wind turbines produce Low Frequency Noise and infrasound, which can cause those who live nearby a range of health problems.
4. Wind turbines have terrible impacts on animals besides birds and bats.
5. Wind turbines kill jobs.
6. Wind turbines are like a reverse Robin Hood, lining the pockets of the rent-seeking rich – such as Prime Minister David Cameron’s father-in-law.
7. Wind turbines are disruptive, divisive and unjust.
8. Wind turbines are economically pointless.
9. Wind farms are partly responsible for the thousands of people who die every year of fuel poverty.
10. Wind farms are a blot on the landscape.

This comes a couple of months after EON Wins U.K. Permission for 700-MW Offshore Wind Farm.

A few number;

1) At 35% utilisation, it will produce about half a percent of the UK’s requirement.

2) At current prices, the subsidy paid for by energy users will be about £110/MWh, or about £220 million pa. Over the 15 years that prices are guaranteed, this amounts to £3.3bn, ensuring a generous return on the capital outlay of £2bn.

3) In addition Eon will receive the market price for electricity produced, currently about £50/MWh, or £100 million a year.

4) Ed Davey, our utterly inadequate Energy Secretary, brags how this project will create 750 jobs. I make that some £300k a year per job – bargain! (This of course ignores all the jobs that will be lost as a result of higher energy prices).

5) At a capital cost of £2bn, Rampion will produce, extremely intermittently, 2TWh a year. For about £400 million, we can get an efficient 800 MW gas power plant, which will produce about 6TWh a year, some three times as much.

Finally, and most tellingly, according to Ed Davey;

The UK leads the world in offshore wind power, with more than half the planet’s installed capacity.

Perhaps the rest of the World know what a complete and utter waste of money this nonsense really is!


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