Climate Change Bill Third Reading Anniversary Statement

27th November

Thought I’d share this statement with you from the original UK climate sceptics courtesy of Parliament Today (my emphasis);

Commenting on the sixth anniversary of the Third Reading of the Climate Change Bill, the five individuals who voted against the Bill have issued the following statement:
“It is now 6 years to the day since the House of Commons voted for the Climate Change Bill at Third Reading, by a majority of 465 to 5. This legally bound the UK unilaterally to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by ‘at least’ 80% by 2050.

The five of us have seen nothing in the intervening 6 years to change our view that the Climate Change Act was a profound mistake.

The Act was intended as an example to the world which would lead to a binding global agreement. Despite a succession of conferences devoted to this objective, no such global agreement has proved possible.

The UK accounts for less than 2% of global emissions. It is time to bring to an end the pointless damage being inflicted on British households, British industry and the British economy by the unilateral commitment to unnecessarily expensive energy, and to suspend the Climate Change Act’s unilateral targets until such time as a binding global agreement has been secured.

A full reconsideration of the deeply flawed economic methodology to support the Act is also now urgently needed. This served as the justification for so many regulatory and other measures that has forced up energy prices for millions of householders, without any clear long term benefit.”

Christopher Chope MP
Phillip Davies MP
Peter Lilley MP
Andrew Tyrie MP
Ann Widdecombe (MP 1987 – 2010)



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