Strike a light


I was stunned when I read this article from the Daily Telegraph, amongst others, that have picked up the point that we risk blackouts and electricity rationing this winter.


It beggars belief that as a developed, prosperous, modern, western nation who have seen energy prices increase massively in recent years that we should be facing the prospect of literally going back to the dark ages.

As this article from June predicted;

The UK government will today set out Second World War-style measures to keep the lights on and avert power cuts

It want on to say that;

Energy minister Ed Davey – a Liberal Democrat and Oxford philosophy, politics and economics graduate – said businesses would be “delighted” to be paid to go dark – and said the measures were good value compared to building new power stations.

Really – business would be delighted?  I guess it depends how much compensation they are being paid to not take electricity.  Maybe they should all install wind turbines on their premises, then they can be paid for not generating electricity too.



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