Business Continues To Be Tied Up With Red Tape


Despite promising to help small business by reducing EU red tape – the Beast of Bureaucracy continues to stifle the economies of the Eurozone with ever more words and rules as the Daily Express reported recently;

Business for Britain chief executive Matthew Elliott has said;

“The Government’s Business Taskforce made some extremely sensible and practical suggestions about how the EU can reduce the regulatory burden on business.

The EU has said it wants to cut red tape so it’s about time it delivered on its promises rather than kicking them into the Brussels long grass.

The EU needs to embrace reform, cut out the endless bureaucracy and end its addiction to answering every perceived problem with a burdensome set of regulations that hamper business and the Continent’s competitiveness.”

Fine words and suggestions from the UK government on how they can improve.  So did they listen?  As the Express continues;

Combing through the EUs Official Journal of binding measures for those which affected British business, researchers found Europe has introduced 1,139 new business regulations and directives since October last year when the taskforce reported.

Totalling 6.3million words the new rules would take the average reader 44 days to read, they estimated.

About as effective as a chocolate tea-pot.

Perhaps of more concern was the statement that;

Only 2.7 per cent of nearly 28,000 EU documents deposited in Parliament since 1974 had been debated by the House of Commons – less than a quarter of those which MPs deemed important, although the percentage scrutinised had risen to 3.3 per cent in 2012-13.

The EU truly is the silent assassin of British democracy and sovereignty.


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