My Favourite Local Businesses Part 3


Tomorrow – Saturday, 6th December – is Small Business Saturday in the UK – a day when we should all do our bit to support our local small businesses.

This is the final of three posts that I’ve written promoting the best (in my opinion) businesses in Frimley Green and surrounding area – all of which I have had the pleasure of dealing with on many occasions in the past few years.

For my final Part I’m concentrating on my favourite aspect of the Villages – the incredible range and quality of food.  In particular I think Frimley Green has arguably the best selection of restaurants and take-aways in the County never mind the Borough;

Cinnamon – Frimley Green Road, Frimley Green
Without question my favourite restaurant/ take-away.  The range of dishes is incredible, the staff always friendly, the service always excellent and the food is fab.  If I don’t get my weekly visit to Cinnamon, I’m a very unhappy person!

Wing Lee – Frimley Green Road, Frimley Green
Two doors away from Cinnamon is Wing Lee Peking, Cantonese and Szechuan take away.  This is Mrs C’s favourite place, so I can be found at least once per week ducking in here for BBQ spare ribs then popping 2 doors along for Chicken Jalfrezi!

Again choice, quality and service are as good as any you’ll find.


Frimley Green Fish & Chips – Frimley Green Road, Frimley Green
If you prefer more traditional fare then Frimley Green also boasts an excellent Fish & Chip shop.  What can I say except quality, taste, service and value.

Jarman’s Bakery – Frimley Green Road, Frimley Green
If you’re in the Village during the working day and fancy a snack or something to take home, then Jarmans is a lovely traditional English bakery, the way they always were (and still should be).  Pasties, pies and rolls are great and a nice selection of breads and cakes too.

Having already plugged the pubs in Frimley Green yesterday, below are a couple of other great food outlets that are outside the Village we love . . .

Frimley Kebab Centre – Frimley High Street, Frimley
Love the FKC logo (a-la Kentucky Fried Chicken).  Run by some lovely guys that take real pride in their kebabs, burgers and recently pizzas.  Sorry to be boring but this place is all about quality, service, value, variety – again!

Kim’s Plaice – High Street, Frimley
One more plug for a local British Fish and Chip shop.  Kim’s also has seating (and stays open later which is great when I have a REALLY long day).  Mmm let me think . . . why Kim’s . . . er . . . quality . . . value . . . service . . .

This really is a recurring theme in amongst the foody places in Frimley Green and surrounding villages.

So if you’re hungry . . . come to FRIMLEY GREEN !!!



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