What the world really cares about


I spotted this article recently that I thought was interesting;


A global poll of more than 7 million people has placed climate change at the very bottom of a long list of priorities, with the findings being consistent across both genders, almost all age ranges, all education levels and in most regions of the world. Conversely, every single demographic placed “a good education” at the top.

I often blog on the subject of global warming and it does seem that, in the public domain at least, I am swimming largely against the tide.  So it’s interesting to read that in a survey of this number of people across the world, climate scepticism is more widely supported.

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Some of the comments at the bottom of the article are an interesting read too.

That education is the top priority is perhaps less surprising.  The greatest help to social mobility is a sound education system – be it grammar schools to assist the brightest children or regular schools providing a breadth of subjects to allow all children to find their niche, including vocational courses and apprenticeships for those with practical skills.



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