If you can’t stand the heat

Negative landing

Another article on global warming, this time to do with discussions that are taking place at UN Climate change summit in Peru, where some 9,000 delegates have flown in to discuss the problems of Carbon footprint and CO2 – anyone sense a whiff of hypocrisy here?

To their credit the Peruvians haven’t installed air con in the buildings as this is a high consumer of power, meaning that the meetings are getting very warm (resisting comment on the amount of hot air being generated), the story is here;

In further news on targets, reductions and caps, China has refused to allow its plans for reduction (there aren’t any, all they’ve said is that they will try and ‘peak’ with CO2 emissions between 2030 and 2040) to be scrutinised by anyone – surprise surprise. Story here;

And India have refused to even say when they will peak, here;

With China and India showing no signs of slowing their CO2 emissions and the US similarly reluctant to commit, particularly without some concessions from the Chinese, we are being driven down a route of unilateral reduction (UK accounts for about 1.5% of global CO2 compared to China+India+USA+Russia at approx. 50%) with absolutely no benefit (unless you own the land that wind farms are sited on), no impact on CO2 in real terms and massive costs for all of us.

Whether you are a believer in Warmist theories or not, it is difficult to see how this head-long rush towards targets that others are not honouring is good for Britain or the British economy.


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