Out of the EU – Into the World


Catching up with articles that I had bookmarked for later reading, I came across this quite lengthy item from Dan Hannan in the DM where he eloquently (as always) outlines why the UK will be a greater force in the World once we leave the EU rather than remaining in it. I’ll leave you to read the article in full, but a flavour of the arguments are;

“We are either the seventh or the sixth largest economy on the planet. (Depending on which measure you use, we have either just overtaken, or are just about to overtake, France.)”

“We have — this is a truly amazing statistic — created more jobs over the past four years than the other 27 members of the EU put together.”

“Ours is humanity’s most widely spoken language.”

“Our common law system is universally respected”

“We are the world’s fourth military power”

“We are a leading member of the G20 and the G8, of Nato and the Commonwealth, and one of five permanent seat-holders on the UN Security Council. How much bigger do we have to be, for Heaven’s sake, before we’re capable of governing ourselves?”

“In the year that we joined, Western Europe accounted for 36 per cent of the world economy. Today, that figure is 24 per cent, and in ten years’ time it will be 14 per cent. Last year, the Commonwealth’s economy overtook the eurozone’s”

“Britain is a global trader”

“There have been 55 occasions when the UK voted against an EU measure in the Council of Ministers … how many times, out of those 55, did we succeed in blocking the measure? That’s right: zero. “

Further discussion on the topic is available in a book written by UKIP MEP William Dartmouth, which you can download for free from;

If you are unsure about how we will manage when we leave the EU, I hope the above help put you at ease.


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