Our Energy Paradox

gas ring

This article from the DT summarises the current lack of joined-up thinking in government and highlights that fact that people are making promises that they have no idea how to keep.


The report points out that we;

“will be forced to pay higher energy bills to fund policies that simultaneously tax coal plants to the brink of closure and then pay them to stay open, the head of Britain’s biggest energy supplier has warned.”

The article goes on to say that

“there was an “inherent paradox” in Government policies, which risked ending up being neither green nor affordable. As part of plans to switch to greener energy, ministers last year introduced a rising carbon tax which charges power plants for burning fossil fuels.”

Except we know that renewables are not reliable, predictable or consistent, and so we also have to pay to keep the old fossil fuel burning power plants on standby for when the wind doesn’t blow or the sun doesn’t shine. Coal-fired power stations aren’t able to ramp-up quickly enough so further expenditure is required to build new gas powered plants to provide the flexibility.



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