Photographic Exhibition Comes to Camberley

Motorway in exhibition

As you may know, I’m a keen photographer (almost all the photos on this blog are mine) and from time to time I’m lucky enough to get my pictures into exhibitions.

One organisation that has been very supportive of my work is The Photographic Angle who have included my pictures in three of their travelling exhibitions, one of which is coming to Camberley for 5 days from Saturday 24th to Wednesday 28th Jan.

The exhibition, called “No Briton Is An Island” will be in Building B, Watchmoor Park (off the A331).  Drive straight down towards the end, over 2 roundabouts and it’s the building on the right.  The show is open 10am to 3pm daily and is well worth a visit – you might even spot the image above which was taken on the Maultway looking south west along the M3.

If you are interested in local photography, I also run a group on the photo sharing web site Flickr called “Surrey Heath Snappers”, where you can find some great photos taken in Surrey Heath – if you’re on Flickr and want to add some of your work to the group just click to join.


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