Your Vote Matters


Tuesday 20th January was Democracy Day and various individuals and institutions spent a lot of time and energy promoting democracy. The Radio 4 “Today In Parliament” podcast from that Tuesday is well worth a listen if you have an hour to spare.

Getting people on the electoral register is something that I’ve been trying to promote for a while now. I commented on Cllr Deach’s tweet last weekend about it.

In fact, some months ago I sent an email to the leaders of the local Conservative, Labour and LibDem groups in #SurreyHeath suggesting that, as we would all be canvassing and delivering leaflets across the Borough in the run-up to the elections, that we should work together to deliver a simple set of instructions for people to make sure they know how to check they are on the electoral register and if not, what to do about it.

Sadly, the Conservative and Labour teams declined my invitation . . . I had no reply from the LibDems.

Recently SHBC sent out letters to all households in the Borough listing who was registered to vote – if you’ve not received that letter or your name is not on the list you won’t be eligible to vote in May.

You can get more information on how to get on the register from SHBC here and from the Government here.



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