97% Nonsense

Jubail Power

It’s been while since I blogged about global warming, so for this article I thought I’d return to the most outrageous of claims so far propounded by warmists.

The alarmist theory was given it’s highest profile when none other than President Obama reported in 2013 that;

Ninety-seven percent of scientists agree: #climate change is real, man-made and dangerous.

This is despite there being no measurable global warming over the 15 years prior to his tweet – or in the 2 years since.  As this article by James Delingpole points out;

What we now know with more than 97 per cent certainty that this guy – or whoever is in charge of running his Twitter account – is either wilfully dishonest or woefully ill-informed.

The 97% myth has been busted ad nauseam since it was first claimed, in fact HERE is a list of 97 articles explaining why this is a totally specious claim.

The 97% “consensus” study, Cook et al. (2013) has been thoroughly refuted in scholarly peer-reviewed journals, by major news media, public policy organizations and think tanks, highly credentialed scientists and extensively in the climate blogosphere. The shoddy methodology of Cook’s study has been shown to be so fatally flawed that well known climate scientists have publicly spoken out against it.

From the article and leaked emails from the main Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) protagonists shed more light on the shady goings on behind the scenes;

Okay, so we’ve ruled out a definition of AGW being ‘any amount of human influence’ or ‘more than 50 percent human influence.’ We’re basically going with Ari’s porno approach (I probably should stop calling it that) which is AGW = ‘humans are causing global warming’. e.g. – no specific quantification which is the only way we can do it considering the breadth of papers we’re surveying.

He goes on to explain how the British mainstream media and government are continuing this propaganda;

But for me the most interesting part of Montford’s report is the light it sheds on the modus operandi of the wider climate change alarmist establishment, from the Guardian journalists who disseminate this naked propaganda to the politicians, from Barack Obama to UK Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Ed Davey, who use it to justify their dubious policies.

Here is Davey, talking last year on the BBC’s Daily Politics Show, to Andrew Neil:

We’ve had a complete unchallenged view of the climate change deniers. I think we need to have rather more balance in the debate, particularly when we saw a recent analysis of 12,000 scientific papers…and of the scientists who expressed a view – these were climate change papers – of the scientists who expressed a view 97 per cent said that climate change was happening and that it was human-made activity.

So next time you hear someone quote the 97% myth in public or in print, be assured that they are clutching at straws.


One response to “97% Nonsense

  1. This is one of those occasions when subtle changes make a difference, but will be ignored cos they don’t make news. It is equating global warning with human activity that sells the stories – ‘world may be getting a bit warmer and we don’t know why’ doesn’t have the same impact. To be a really annoying nit picker, I get really annoyed when ‘they’ say Darwin’s theory of evolution was revolutionary (and incendiary). No, Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection was the Big Story. 100 odd years and we still haven’t got that right, so what hope on global warming?


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